Move Character To New Location

I have a character in a level with hotspots placed around the scene. I have it set up through line tracing to click the hotspot to move my character to the location of the hotspot. Currently it just “teleports” my character there. But I want it to move in a straight line the spot. I don’t care about collisions or anything. I believe there is some way to do it using vector math, and get the actor locations and add and multiply them, but I can’t figure out the right formula. Does anyone have any ideas to help me?

Answers in this should help you out I think

Or just use move to Move to Actor | Unreal Engine Documentation

If your character has the Character parent class, you could use Add Movement Input which uses the the vector difference between your source and destination. You can then apply that over each frame until you reach your location.
You can adjust the Scale Value in order to change the speed at which the character moves.

Thanks for the tips. They led me to this tutorial. All I needed was the Move Component To node: