Move Character In Allign With Ground?

Hello guys. i have to say that ive come up with some ways to make this work but i wanna know if anyone have a better solution. I want to move my character forward or basically in any direction that i want but keeping him on the ground. For example if i move character forward and character is going down on stairs he will fly forward instead of going down on the stairs . My solution is to rotate the angle i want to move my character based on grounds angle using line trace. but the issue is if i move my character really fast the line trace fall behind of Lerp and it mess up the movement. Is there any efficient clean way to do this? It seems that the only way of moving the object which keep the character on the ground is “Add Movement Input” . I want to add additional movement

If I understand it correctly and you don’t want to rotate the character then you can just adjust the gravity scale in the character movement component.