Move center of mass in blueprints?

I’m curious if its possible to move the center of mass in a blueprint node. I have the mass lowered to keep a bike upright ( in the static mesh component) but when its jumping I wish to move it back to the center of the object. Any information is welcomed, Thanks!

Hey Bradley,

If you are using the WheeledVehicle as your base blueprint class (parent) you can go into the Defaults section of the blueprint and adjust the COM offset on the Z Axis in the Vehicle Setup section shown here:

Hope that helps!

EDIT: just noticed you said Node not blueprint sorry… I don’t know of any way to do this currently from blueprints, it is possible in code though.

Hey thanks for the quick reply! Yeah unfortunately I’m staying away from the wheeled vehicle set as it doesn’t support two wheeled vehicles so I’m kind of in the wild west hacking things together in blueprints haha.

This appears to be true up to 4.5.1, but is absent from subsequent versions. Has it been moved or removed?

Ahh, found it! Under the Physics group in the vehicle’s mesh details.

can someone tell me where this is as of 4.7