Move Capsule Component to (BUG)

At least I think it’s a bug.
The problem that I have is, that even though the location and rotation is perfectly set up, the node somehow teleports, when Capsule Component selected, my character in the middle of the whole map for some reason.
When I select the node to teleport the mesh only, my character gets to the perfect position also correctly rotated, but obviously not the real Movement gets ported there, only the mesh.

I have seen someone else doing it in a tutorial and I followed it step by step as I saw that this person does not have that problem, and when I did set up that whole code with the Move Component To, it still did not work, even though
I had the EXACT same as in the video.

Is this a bug? Can someone help me with this? :frowning:

Its hard for me to understand what you mean by “the node somehow teleports”, but could the reason be that you’re mixing up relative location with world location? The mesh is a child of the capsule.

Ok, so here is a screenshot:


This probably isn’t the right setup, as I have deleted the old one, but with this one I get the exact same effect.
Every time I touch the Cube in the game, it puts me to 0.0 | 0.0 | 0.0 no matter what I try. But that only happens when I choose to teleport the Capsule Component.
Any ideas?

this first of all you have to multiply the forward vector by a float and then add it to the location of the cube, thats the desired location you want to. if you want to go like 400 forward. and second keep in mind its a relative location you’re putting your nod into.

what do you even want to achieve? describe it pls so we can understand you better

I am trying to do a ledge system. I got the position right now, the only problem there is left, is that my character automatically goes to the middle of the cube, which is not what I want, I want my character to be able to attach to the cube on whichever x position.