Move camera with RMB

Good day, I am currently working with a third person view and would like to be able to move the camera when I click the RMB( a little like in WoW) i manage to move my character with my arrows and turning using my RMB. But what I am trying to do is moving the camera up and down while keeping the camera pointing at my character. I’ve tried a few things but my camera only bounces up and down. I’m using a spring arm with mus camera attached to it. Right now I can turn soom in and out. Can someone just point me out in the right direction please? This is my last BP try(Axis Lookup is associated with mouse Y):

Thank you

I just tried without the spring arm but it still not working. any ideas?

Instead of setting the socket offset, you should rotate the spring arm. This ensures that the camera keeps pointing at the same point (assuming your camera is pointing to the origin of the spring arm). Try adding pitch to your spring arm’s rotation.

Thank you Ill have a look as of right now I got it semi-woking but my whole character is rotating up and down