Move camera and rider position via Graph

As the title says I am trying to figure out how to move the camera and rider position in a graph. This will be used in a Multi Use option on a raft. I know the for the Camera “TPVCamera Offset” is the option i am looking for. I tried to use “set TPV Camera Offset” and plug in the numbers i want but i need much more than that and I am so lost. Any help would be amazing!

It’s not clear how you want to “move the camera and rider position”, but you will probably need to cast to the shooter character who is using the multi-use menu, and “get camera component”.
From there, you can get the rotation, location and target of the camera.

I want to have a multi use option that when selected and until change, the rider will mount the raft and be at the position selected. same for the camera. Thanks for the help. I will be working on it more tonight.