move by a certain amount

Hello. I’m very new to Unreal Engine. I have been watching tutorials on how to use it, but I have trouble with some things. For one thing, I don’t know how to change the move tool to move by small increments. Basically, I need to move something by a very small amount, but the move tool lets me move by large increments. Another problem that I’ve had is with my grass that I made in Maya. I made it from about 16 leaves, each leaf a separate mesh. I shift selected my leaves and exported them. When I imported this fbx file into Unreal Engine into meshes folder, I got about 16 meshes each for a grass leaf. As you can imagine I wanted all my leaves in my clump of grass to be in one mesh that I can drag into my viewport. Any suggestions? I have thought about grouping my leaves or parenting them before exporting; or I can combine them under combine mesh, however I don’t know for certain what strategy will work or if I am thinking in the right direction, so I wanted to ask somebody about this issue, before I do something wrong again. This time I want to do it correctly. Thank you for any feedback.