Move blueprint nodes along with the comment box

I’m fairly new to UE4, but sometimes this comes in handy when it comes to first time experience, right?
I tried copying blueprint nodes from one project into another and therefore selected those. But I did this only until I saw all wrapping comment boxes being highlighted, I did not include all nodes in my selection. Because of that, all comments were copied, but just half of the nodes.

I would like to know if it’s possible to lock nodes to their comment boxes so moving or copying those takes all wrapped nodes with them?

Just drag a selection around everything with the left mouse button. If you just shift-select the comment boxes it will not copy the content.

Wont work. I see you it would be intuitive the way you are suggesting, but that is not how they designed it.

Ok, yeah, I see now. I wonder why this did not work.
But what about selecting just the comment box and copy and pasting all?

oh well… then that’s how it is :slight_smile: