Move Blend Spaces and Swimming Blend Spaces

Where are these actually used? If I make a custom one, I dont see where to assign it. Ive looked in the AnimBP in asset overrides.
What am I missing?

Move blend spaces will blend movement based on direction same with aimoffset it blends the postions based on where you are aimming

I know this, but where is it defined. I have the blend space, but it isnt being compiled into my mod because it isnt ‘being used’

Animation blueprint

Ive already stated i looked in there and couldnt find it.

Thats because your looking at the child not the parent where the blend spaces are assigned look for dinoblueprintbase_ with animation blueprint filter on

And if your gonna start playing around with the parent animation blueprint dupe it to your mod and redo its cast unless you want it to affect every dino thats childed from that blueprint.

And yeah it is possible to add your own animations to it because ive already done it for my mod Ark futurism

I mean no offense when i say this, but i wasnt asking about new animations. Simply how to define the blend spaces.

Youre also speaking extremely tech based so I dont really understand what you mean by stuff like ‘animation blueprint filter’

The Dino in question I want to add this to already has a copied BP base if it matters.

A blend space is in sense a animation just 1 second frames that blend and well it will be in there in its graph it sets the move blend spaces and the aim offets

Here is how you set the filter

Should look like this

Then comes the fun part!

Yes Ive seen all of this, figured you meant a menu or something inside the AnimBP, i’m not sure if people are understanding my problem.
The AnimBP for this creature does not have an ‘assetoverride’ for the blendspace, thus i dont see where else i could define it. Since all creatures use the same
parent,logic tells me it has to be defined in the creature’s AnimBP and NOT the parent.