Move assets from one project to another without losing place in world space

So my problem is not with migrating, I know to migrate from the content folder into the other project. Here is my situation, say we have project 1 which is the master file and project 2 which has the assets I need. So I go into project 2 and migrate into project 1. Now, in the master project I have all the assets and that’s fine, they work, but there’s nothing in the World Outliner. A lot of the assets were duplicated and have to be placed very specifically so how do I do that?

I’ve already tried selecting everything in the world outliner of project 2 and creating a blueprint for it. This works… technically, I’ll open the blueprint in project 1 and I’ll be able to see it, but I don’t really want it as one chunk. (As in, I don’t want to have to go to edit blueprint to get to the pieces because it’s harder to see how the different sections fit together) Also with this method the lighting seems off.

Does anyone know a way to bring assets from one world outliner into the project of another?

Update: The other method I’m using is to also bring over the map, go into Window, Levels and add the map. I can now see it like I want to (each mesh is individual in the world outliner) but everything is disconnected. As in, I have to click on each thing and reconnect the mesh. Is there a way to do this without it breaking or is that just an unreal thing?