Move and Rotate with one Axis

Hi there!
I want to develop a game similar to Flying preview, but i’m using a skeletal mesh instead of a static mesh as character.

I want to move and rotate my ship with one gamepad (the left one for example). I tryed any scripts, but they didn’t work.
I also tryed Sequence (as you can see in the photo) but still pretty buggy.
Can you help me?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

I cant see your picture but “Set control rotation” will just rotate the “aim” of the camera.

You probably want to use addLocalRotation or setLocalRotation or a similar node on a tick with a branch before it setup to a boolean variable that you can turn on an off with a key/event etc.

If this cleared it up for you dont forget to accept an answer so people can find the answer they needed when searching/googleing later.

A bigger pic will help.

I’ll try your suggestion as soon as i can!
Here the link for a larger imagelink text

Dont forget for a spaceship move forward will become moveright and moveright willbecome moveforward when you rotae 180degrees since Y/X doesnt change, add in Z and it becomes even more complicated so you have alot of checking to do.

Something like addLocalOffset(GetForwardVector) for both of them comes to mind a simple solution with the axis value multiplied by around 1-10x (you could even make it a varaible to change the speed).