Move and Rotate in Game

Dear community,

My name is Etienne, I’m french, I don’t speak english very well. I focus my job on the artistic part, since I’m not a programmer (btw, thank you Epic team for your Visual Script system!).

I’m working on an application wich is a 3D home planer.
Since few weeks, I’m looking for tips to achieve some basic functions which gives to the user the ability to drag and drop some assets from a library into the scene (like chair, sofa, table etc…). To do this, I found plenty of tips about “drag and drop” for a RTS game.
But once the asset is dropped in the scene, how to move it by clicking like in the editor using a gizmo but more simple and intuitive : During the game, I just need to rotate the actor along Z axis, and move it along 2 axis, X & Y…

Is it possible to achieve this functionnality with UE4?

I’m not the first guy to ask for a functionnality like that, but all requests I found on the answerhub remain without responses…

Please, can someone help me or give me some way to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance.

Were you after similar movement like this?

What your asking for is a rather big request that will take time to explain in text.

If you would like i could put together a video tutorial for you if you can wait a little as im short on time :slight_smile:

PM me or contact me by another means if your interested.

Thanks DevilsD pour your reply.

Yes, the first step is to drag and drop asset from a library to the scene exactly like in your video.
But once the assets are dropped, I’d like to click on it and be able to rotate and move it to place it in another place. In your video, you don’t show the ability to do this…