Move and Orient an object locked with Physic Constraint

I have an actor that has a platform with a physic constraint attached that locks its position. I need to move that actor and can’t seem to be able to do it.

My plan was to move the locked object by moving its parent, but it seems that objects simulating physics cannot have parents.

Is there any way I can move anobject with a physic constraint with locked linear limits ?

Have you tried moving the constraint? This should move the actor that is locked to it.

I will try this later today and report, thank you.

This doesnt work for me. Maybe my constraint it set wrong : - The first component of my constraint is the platform. - The second component is either empty or the constraint itself. (both don’t work)

Any tips ?

Instead of moving the constraint, I actually need to change the constraint’s reference point by using “Set Constraint Reference Position”. This works well to move the object.

For Orientation However, I suppose i should use “Set Constraint Reference Rotation”, but I can’t get it to work.