Move an external camera with the same "input axis" of my character camera

Hi to everyone. In my “first person view” project, my character is just a camera and a capsule component. Everything works fine but when i want to change my point of view to another camera and i wanna use my INPUT AXIS to move it…i can’t do that. I don’t know why…i can use other button like “ASDW” but i wanna use my mouse to move this external camera like i do with my character ( with is blocked with DISABLE INPUT in order to don’t let the character move around while you are controlling the other camera ).

the flow is around this

FIRST PERSON VIEW set view target with blend

CINEMATIC set view target with blend

NEW POINT OF VIEW ( which i can’t make it move with my mouse )

Some one can help me ?

thank you in advance.

Please, someone know how to do this?

thank you

Have you tried simply moving the camera to become attached to a camera arm? Should work i think.

Ok I can help you with this if I understand it correctly. Post your Blue print so I can see it. You may need to wait until I get home and I can post my camera which moves separate of my character or with it. I won’t be home till about 6pst.

Sorry forgot to post this to you the other day. Here is my single camera input. I’m sure you can do multiple cameras with it. Just create buttons to go with it. Imgur: The magic of the Internet