Move an actor with multi checkpoint

Hello everybody,

I wanted to know if you can suggest a quick and easy way to move an actor to several linked checkpoints.

I have already set up the “Move to Location” node and it works perfectly but only with one destination.

I would like my actor once he has reached the first target to move towards the second target.

Thank you

When the level starts, in the level BP, make an array of the checkpoints in order. Each time the player moves, it can move to the next location in the array.

Perfect, but how do I program it so that it reaches a checkpoint then goes to the suggestive of my array list?

Well, what sort of things are the checkpoints? What do you have so far?

the checkpoints are “targets” but I only use them to get the location.

I have an array of actors and an array of targets, one target for each actor.

However, I would like that when an actor reaches his target he moves towards another target.

How to move the actor towards the target is not a problem but I don’t know how to understand when an actor arrives at his destination and then give him another checkpoint

Ok, so char BP looks like this:


So you can see, I just called the next marker custom event, which finds the lowest numbered marker and moves to it. The markers have a collision box, when the character overlaps, they wait for half a second and then just call next marker, so all markers get visited.

Marker looks like this:



The only messy part ( at the moment ) is the function in the player that finds the next marker. Basically we’re looking for the lowest numbered marker:


( you could also sort by marker ID in the first place, and always just take the next one ).

EDIT: This is a bit clearer:



Thank you so much for your help, you were very kind. I understand perfectly what I have to do! :slight_smile: