Move an Actor from widget button press

You need to reference you specific actor you want to move within the widget and use the “On Clicked” event from the button to set the actor’s location. If you need help with casting and creating references check out video #1 and 25. They should help you get on the right track.

I’m working on a game, and need to move an actor to a locatio when i press a buttin in a widget,but it can’t move when I press the button. Can someone tell me how to make an actor move from a widget?

I did try to cast to my actor, but it won’t work, what do Ineed to conect to the object pin on the cast to my actor?

So you got it? Or you still have issues?

Awesome. Can you mark this resolved so it is clear to others.

I did fint 1 way to fix it, bu using an overlap like you said, but i did you a tigger box and set to actor to teleport the actor did overlap whit that triggerbox

Yes, I was able to fix it, thank you for the help

The way I was able to fix this is ti use a trigger box, and when I press the button, the trigger box will spawn on and overlap my actor and then in the actor Blueprint I did set is so if that trigger box is overlapping, the the actor will teleport