Move along spline?

I can’t get my actor to move along spline path. I can get it to move to the end , but only in a straight line. I want to set up 8 different paths to choose from in an open world space, then when path is picked, the actor follows and all paths relocate to the new location with actor. Then from new location user picks new path or same, then actor moves along that path to new location and so on. Might there be a different way to achieve this? I tried matinee but can’t seem to get the start location to move with the actor. It just plays movement anamation in the same place every . P.S I have it working the way I want with splines in a blueprint with the mesh I want to move, but can figure out how to move along spline points. Please help! ! Been messing around with this a 3 days.

Convert this, it should work.