Move along spline?

I have a blueprint with a mesh and spline. I drag out blueprint in world and then set spline path about 10 feet in a left 90 degree bank turn. In level blueprint I set the mesh to move on clicked. I get length and set rotation and distance of spline with a move to node at the end. So mesh moves and rotates, but doesn’t follow the path, just go’s straight to end point. I have 4 points along path. What do I have to change for it to follow path?

Seems to me you need to get the mesh to move from point to point in sequence. If you use the endpoint then UE4 just finds the quickest path to that point. So if theyre numbered 1,2,3,4 then you need to set up something that starts with goal 1 then once it reaches goal 1 it ‘adds 1’ to the goal making the goal #2 etc.

What would something like that look like? All I have are white squares on a path I made. No numbers for the squares. My blueprint move the thing to the end, but I want it to hit the squares. there are nodes that say get number of points from spline, but how do you wire that in?

Check out the tutorials on the Unreal Engine Youtube page. There’s a series on A.I. I think that deals with getting characters to move from one point to another in sequence. I think the same would apply to your mesh.

The iTween library has a node for this exact thing called “Move To Point On Spline.” Find it here:!&highlight=itween