Move Ai Agents to array of locations

I am trying to create a behavior tree that will distribute n ai agents to n number of points around the circumference of a circle, using blackboard data.

I have generated an array of vectors for each location and can pass it to my blackboard, but my agents simply all move towards the last entry in the array. Is there a way to store an array of vectors in a blackboard key, and have my Ai agents check their own index number and get the corresponding vector location from that array?

Ideally I would like to have potentially hundreds of simplistic Ai agents all running around doing their thing, getting positioning data on the fly from terrain changes or user input, so passing location data to some or all of them quickly and efficiently is really my biggest goal. If there is a smarter way to do what I’m trying to do, then I’m totally open to the suggestion.

Looks to me like you’re just writing each vector in the array to the exact same blackboard key - so obviously the last one will be the one that ends up staying stored.

I suspect the workaround you need is this one: Can blackboards have an array - AI - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks for the info, though I’m afraid I don’t fully understand how to implement that answer. I haven’t touched C++ very much and frankly am not sure what to do with the custom class I created or even how to access it in blueprint/blackboard. Could you shed any more light on the subject?