"Move Actors to other level" switches to details panel

Found a bug where it switches to the details panel when you move another actor to another level using the levels tab. Here’s the steps to reproduce.

  1. Make a new project using any of the templates. I used Third Person example in this one.
  2. Create any kind of actor and place it in the persistent level.
  3. Create a sub-level in the persistent level
  4. Select the actor you created.
  5. In the levels tab, right-click on the sub-level and select “Move Selected Actors To Level”.

For some reason, it switches over to the details panel, but in the previous UE4 version, it didn’t do this. Something similar was happening in regards to hiding levels and I reported that one already. It’s being tracked as UE-52164. It looks like that one was fixed, but I thought I’d report this one just in case as this seems to be an alternative trigger to the same bug.

Update: The same thing also occurs when you say “Select Actors”.