Move a UE Linux project to Windows


I started using UE4 on linux, it works OK but everything is slower than it is on windows,
so I decided to move. My project is all under git+lfs so I figured I just needed to open
the project with the matching UE4Editor under windows and it should be fine.

But none of the uasset are recognized (basically everything in Content).
I made sure to make UE4Editor convert the project inplace so the Content would still be there.

Does anybody have experience migrating project between platforms ?
uasset should be platform independent, shouldn’t they ?

What could cause the editor from not recognizing them ?

Forgot to do git lfs fetch the uasset where git-lfs pointer not the real files
sorry -_-

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If you still decide to retire from the fight, then Unreal Engine projects should be cross-platform compatible, provided they are using the same Unreal Engine version. If a uasset is not showing up, it is likely that is was created in a newer version of the engine than the one you are currently running.

If you were using github master on Linux, the engine version would be 4.27+, and then swapping to 4.26 preview on Windows, would be downgrading, so the uassets may not show up. A possible solution is to use the github master on Windows as well, rather than the binary version from the EGS.

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For the record, I experienced no UE4 issues from moving my project between platforms.
My project used C++ and the visual studio project got generated when I opened the project.
Seamless experience.