Move 2D child collider and affect parent physics object.

We are trying to build a simple 2D physics game. And we have to solve a physics problem. In Unity, if you have a root gameobject with a rigidbody. And that root has children with colliders but no rigidbodies. Then the root rigidbody will use the child colliders for collision. You can move the child colliders on FixedUpdate and the root rigidbody will acknowledge the new child collider positions.

In Unreal Engine, this is not the case. If you have a similar set up and move the child objects/colliders on event tick. The root physics object will not acknowledge the new child position. How can the Unity process be replicated in Unreal. I have attached the scene as an example. Some context, we are attempting to create a character similar to the character in this game:

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a very simple blueprint example:
I have also attached the scene file.