Movable Window

Hello All I created a movable window in Blueprint following some guides on the wiki and on youtube, and it works good. However, When i set the visibility of the window to hidden and then back to visible via key press, it then deactivates my button i can not press any of my buttons, and where i drag the mouse the window follows does anyone know why this could be happening, and any potential solutions. If need be i can post screenshots of the code.

can you post a screenshot?

Please excuse the delay, I had been up for a while at the time of making this topic. However I seem to have found a solution to the issue. In creating a movable window, I’m not sure if Rama’s movable window experiences the issue as I have not tested it.

So if you create a movable window, and then say you want to make it “POP UP” one way to do this is to add it the view port and set the visibility to hidden and visible, on a flip flop. The issue with creating the widget through the “CREATE WIDGET” node in blueprint is you can DRAG THE WINDOW outside of the space of the actual box, and it disables pressing any buttons on the screen I have found, which may be due to the “Invisible canvas panel covering it”.

A quick fix found this to promote my main UI widget to a variable, in the blueprint designer window at my movable widget, and set it to hidden it works well, and as intended.

However I would like to know if anyone knows if its a bug, cause even if I CREATE the MOVABLE WIDGET through a node its invisible canvas panel seems larger than intended, as i can still press the window and move it. But if i go back to the origin location of spawn and drag it moves the window too.

I hope that makes sense.

I thought you were taking about an actual window inside a wall! LOL silly me!

No problem. Now, why use set visibility? can you create a widget and remove it from parent when not needed instead of setting to invisible? would this make any difference regarding your issue?

Setting visibility will optimize performance instead of having to REMOVE from parent then create the widget. Also in more time debugging visibility wasn’t the issue of was more the creating the widget with thathatt mode was causing the canvas panel to be bigger then seen. And something is alerting me that the canvas that’s invisible is detaching itself