Movable train?

Hello guys! Im working on a game. How to setup trains and rails? So you can control it. Have search for it but don’t find anything.HELP !

I just set up something similar to this. The first order of business is to create a train track. You don’t have to do it procedural but it makes everything SO much easier. There are two steps in my opinion to doing so. One is creating the spacers. The other is the actual rails the train resides on. Both use a similar technique but approach it a little different. Here are two tutorials that can help.

Four parts:

The first video will help you create the spacers. You’ll want to create a simple plank mesh in your 3D software to use for the spacers.
The second video will help you make the rails and have them curve properly according to the deformation of your spline.

Start with those!


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