Movable object lighting problem

Hello friends, I have a problem with the lighting of my exterior in a project, it turns out that when I calculate the vegetation that is in movement, it is very illuminated to such an extent that it seems burned, I do not understand why this happens to me, I have been looking and it is related With the Skylight if I don’t use an HDRI in the cubemap it works fine but if I use an HDRI from my library I get this problem, and I need to use this. I have also noticed that after calculating and below the object below the geometry everything works fine.

This is the image of how the image looked good

and this how it looks bad later

This is the images of the configuration that I am using
Directional Light:


World Settings

And this is how it looks when I lower a tree below the calculated geometry:


Do you have ‘lower hemisphere’ checked in the skylight? ( and is it black ).

Yes, it has always been black.

I know I might be pushing it here, but have you tried dynamic skylight?

Just tried it, see what you mean. I put a midday cubemap on the skylight and had to crank it down to .25. But I do also get the luminous leaves if I set the tree to moveable.

Are you trying to get shadows for the leaves when close? Is that why you’re setting the object to moveable?

Have you tried this combination:

  1. Leave the tree as static

  2. Stationary skylight and directional

  3. Build light

  4. Set directonal light detail 'Dynamic shadow distance stationary light ’ to about 1500.

What it means is your entire scene is static, except when the camera gets with 1500 units of something. Then it uses the moveable aspect of the directional light to do shadows locally.

Was there a skylight in the scene before adding the HDRi? or was a skylight added after that HDRi was placed? The reason I ask is because from reading the doc on HDRi, it comes with a skylight and is advised to delete other skylight(s) in the scene so there’s only one which is inherited in the HDRi actor. If it’s not inherited in the HDRi, then it’s a separate skylight unless it was removed from the HDRi as a component and resides in the level somewhere. With two skylights, it would be casting and baking double the lighting, so one layered over the other. Having 8 skylight bounces is rather high too, though I see how it would apply in a daytime, open sky scene.