Movable mesh inside character blueprint does not collide


I’m using UE 4.10 with Kinect and Myo Armband. My goal is to move the player ( camera) with Kinect and move an object connected to the player with Myo Armband. That object is a waiter tray and I want to catch dynamic falling glasses with the tray. All the motions work fine for me. The only problem I have is, that the glasses fall through the tray. There is no problem in glasses because they collide with other props like floor, tables or character’s CapsuleComponent.

I have read so many discussion threads so far and couldn’t solve my problem.
Here is my player blueprint with collision settings for my mesh.

Here is the StaticMesh editor for the mesh.

The simple collision is turned on and visible in the editor, however in game the glasses just fall trought. If I add the StaticMesh into the world the collision works. Only when I add it to my character blueprint it fails.

I suspect the problem is in collision inheritance. But the CapsuleComponent has set its collision to BlockAll too. Maybe my StaticMesh component is a child of another component and so ignores its own collision. I have also read somewhere, that there cant be more collisions in character object.

Or maybe the problem is that the mesh is movable. I don’t know. I would even take the option that some other invisible object would collide with the glasses.

I also read that setting the collision preset to Default would solve the issue ( maybe not mine though), but there is no option “Default” in Collision presets.

I have tried to drag the StaticMesh to Mesh(Inherited), nothing. I have played with the “Weld” options, nothing. I think overlap or hit events does not concern me, because I do not want to trigger any event, I just want to catch the glasses. I have tried many collision presets with no success. And ticked/unticked other collision options.

I also tried to play with the Collision complexity in Mesh Editor, but no option works. I have ticked the Customized Collision, also nothing.

In some other thread there was a suggestion that one should set the CapsuleComponent as root. I’m note sure but I think mine is set like that. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Other suggestion was not to create a character object but pawn object with Capsule, under it SkeletalMesh, under it the StaticMesh.

Maybe I just did not try the exact combination of right options.
Any idea what to try next?

Never mind, I solved it by creating a custom Pawn actor. Then set SceneComponent as root with CapsuleCollision as child. That with SkeletalMesh as child. That with StaticMesh and Camera as children.
SkeletalMesh with no collision, StaticMesh with BlockAll collision.
Then I performed the whole player movement with SetWorldLocation for SkeletalMesh and the tray movement with SetRelativeLocation for StaticMesh.

Hope this discovery will be helpful once for somebody.