Movable blueprints casting bad shadows

Just like year ago i was trying to make an interactive archviz and had to give up cos all shadows casted by movable objects were completly off.
Actually it worked well in simple scene that contained only light, my blueprint and one single static mesh, but when i put in the project whole scene it did not. As far as i remmember my doors were ignoring some of shadows casted by static meshes and also did not cast propper shadow upon another static meshes, which resulted in some wierdo blurry light coming out of nowhere.

Yet i’ve got to see some of UE interactive archviz’s on youtube and these pretty much had some kind of movable objects (like openable doors/windows, that’s basically all i want) and seemed to have obviously more than just one or few static meshes in it, while the shadows seems to be OK.

Recently i started new project and i’d like to make either vid footage or better interactive archviz (well if i learn how to deal with movable objects).

I spent quite alot of time trying to find out or figure out last time and i’d like to not spend dozens of hours on it again, so i’m asking for help there.

Any answer appreciated.