Movable actors still lit in a dark tunnel


I am using the modding tools for Insurgency Sandstorm, a game which currently uses the 4.22.1 version of the engine.
I created a level with a large terrain and a tunnel where the entrances are created with the visibility tools. This tunnel is crossed by a static mesh over a spline.

The problem is that when i enter the tunnel, my character is still completely lit by the sun even if i am in a dark zone (it becomes dark only at the beginning of the tunnel). The same happens with movable actors.
The only light present in the level is the directional one, with atmospheric fog, sky light and the standard sky sphere blueprint at default values.
I tried to build static lighting even with production quality, but it didn’t fix the issue. I tried to put some movable objects inside a BSP hollowed box, but nothing. I tried even to place a hollowed box around the tunnel, but nothing.

How can i fix it? I would like movable objects and players becoming dark so that i can obtain some interesting gameplay situations.

I attach some screenshots.

Try building your lighting

I tried that, but it’s the same. Anyway, now i am remembering that i setted landscape’s Static LOD Lighting to 1 and Static Lighting Resolution to 0,25 to temporary speed up lighting building. I will try to rebuild with default values.

With an update to the modding tools, the issue is disappeared.