MouseWheelSpin doesn't work?

Hello all,

I couldn’t get MouseWheelSpin , MouseWheelUp nor MouseWheelDown to work with editor’s axis binding and c++. All other buttons binding work fine though.

I read in that:

Does this has anything with my mouse scroll not working?

I made a tutorial with the mouse wheel with making the camera zoom in and out in one of my videos. check it out

also, it would be a BindAction as well

InputComponent->BindAction("NameOfBind", IE_Pressed, this, &Nameofclass::FunctionName);

hope this helps

Are you saying that we couldn’t use [InputComponent->BindAxis] for mouse wheel?

Somehow BindAction doesn’t seem right for me in this case…

Naw you can use InputComponent->BindAxis as well. It works either way from my tutorial or using InputComponent->BindAxis

Well, in that case, our mouse wheel input isn’t working out with [InputComponent->BindAxis]

I can bind some other random buttons under the same key axis binding category in Unreal Editor and they work, just not with these [MouseWheelSpin] , [MouseWheelUp] nor [MouseWheelDown].

Dunno if this is what you want, but I’ve configured the mouse wheel as an action in the project settings. If you do this, don’t forget to “Set As Default”.

My real question is, could you get mouse wheel working with Axis Mapping?

Nope. /10char


Could you post your code and your DefaultInput.ini file to be for sure of what is happening? I think all of us could get a better view of what’s going on.

Forget it, it’s really no big deal…

Just saying that [MouseWheelSpin] , [MouseWheelUp] nor [MouseWheelDown] cannot be used with axis binding.