mousebuttons doent work anymore in the editor in specific version?!!?

gee, the past year happenend a lot of weird things, but this time i am really confused. My mouse button doesnt work in the editor. So i cannot save the project, and cannot export it! i tried the keyboard to get it done, but without result. I know the mouse is okay, it works, and weird enough it works in any project of mine, but this one, an old project of version 4.13 doesnt work.But i have to package the project today for a client! help :slight_smile: I tried several computers, but at each one this occurs!

oh man oh man, it appears the menis are invisible,…! so with doing the right movements, it can be done, but it takes a lot of time to get the right menu :slight_smile:

edit: its a windows10/ ue4.13 problem, if you set the transparancy of the menus different, then suddenly the menus work in 4.13!