Mouse yaw and pitch not working?

I’m making a simple character and have the lines of code:

PlayerInputComponent->BindAxis(“Turn”, this, &APawn::AddControllerYawInput);

PlayerInputComponent->BindAxis(“LookUp”, this, &APawn::AddControllerPitchInput);

My input names are correct and I have the camera set to use control rotation. But my camera is frozen.

In game I used the command DisplayAll PlayerController Rotation and it’s showing Y=0.0 P=0.0 R=0.0 all the time.

Also my WASD inputs work fine.

Is the axis bind working if you bind any otehr axis? For instance, a mouse wheel instead of x/y?

Also for debug purposes you can add an own method to bind, instead of using the AddController...Input methods. It will allow you to add a debug logs to see if it’s ever working.