Mouse Y Axis Inversion in Shipping Builds

Hi Everyone,

I have a bizarre “bug” where, no matter how I setup the Axis Config / Input Bindings in the Project Settings, when I create a packaged version of the Game in Shipping Mode the Mouse Y Axis is inverted compared to how it defaulted to in the Editor. It’s fine if I create a Debug Game or Development build.

It’s relatively simple to resolve by changing the config files of the created package, however one of our testers have reported that it is inverted even after I have given them a supposedly fixed copy of the build.

I’ve gotten so far as downloading the Engine Source and creating a “non-monolithic” build in order to be able to debug the shipping executable, but upon inspecting the “PlayerInput” object, all the settings stored within appear correct compared to the Config Files. So I’m pretty much stumped where to go from there. Any clues or idea’s from anyone whom might have experienced similar would be rad.

It’s not the end of the world if we can’t fix it as we have a player input settings menu, but i’d be nice if it behaved lol.



Without any sort of code there is no answer possible. Please post your PlayerInput code and where the inputs are used. Maybe some more information would be nice. I think it’s not the code from a template or is it? Since this issue isn’t reported that often I think it’s more a code issue than an engine issue.