Mouse X Axis value randomly jumps to 0 during movement

I’m working on an RTS Style game and implemented a way to rotate the camera while holding the right mouse button. This should be extremly simple (which it is) but for some reason the camera is incredibly jerky. When I put a print node to the Mouse X Axis Value I could observe some weird behavior which explains the camera problems.

First when I move the mouse very slowly the axis value stays at 0 altogether, as if there is some threshold somewhere and even worse while moving the mouse the value also jumps down to 0 sporadicly which causes the camera to kind of stutter into place while rotating.

As you can see in my implementation I bound an input Action Event to the right mouse button which does fire correctly when the button is pressed or released (so it is not the event that randomly closes my gate or something like that).

Okay, I’m convinced now that the Mouse X Event is bugged. I’ve basically build my own Mouse X Event now, by using the GetMousePosition Function and comparing the changes in the Tick event. This basically outputs the exact same Data than the Mouse X Event but works perfectly smooth under all conditions I’ve tested so far.