mouse world location problem

I am trying to make a rts with a selection box system. Well my problem without explaining all my idea for that system is : i use Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel then break hit result and break the vector of location to get x and y (real world location of the cursor) after some tests i discovered that there is a jump in x and y values when z change(when cursor hover a static mesh or a blocking volume after hovering ground) i dont understand why that happens… but that ruin the rest of my idea:(…
btw:I am using a my own perspective top down camera …
Can anyone explain to me what “Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel” is really doing?Why this jump in the values happen when z change?
whats the solution?
and thank you…:slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure but I don’t think that its the cursors world location you get by breaking that hit result,
what you will get (what I believe you will get) is the location of the actual hit position.

Edit: There is a “Get Mouse Position” which will return the screenspace position of the mouse but there is also a
“Convert Mouse Location to World Space” node, hopefully those nodes will help :slight_smile:

doesnt the get mouse position only give you the x and y axis of the screen? at least in my understanding?

Ehm, I believe thats what I explained :stuck_out_tongue: , also that there is a “Convert Mouse Location to World Space” node

Sorry for answering much later …
There is a problem when i used “get world location” vector for a actor it did not match “Convert Mouse Location to World Space” location vector when mouse is on top of the actor

since you are using a perspective camera, where your mouse cursor hits, does not necessary be where the actor’s pivot locates(decided by the [ROOT] component’s transform pivot).

Yes but i am doing this for a little sphere so normally it should work…
Also when i move the camera the “Convert Mouse Location to World Space” location vector make a lot more change in the axes then moving the mouse.
Anyone got an other solution to solve my initial problem ?

maybe a screenshot to elaborate? Like put a ground with some fixed unit(say 100^3) cubes on it, and then show what exactly is off.

(Note i use capture tool from win7 so cant capture mouse with it)
Didnt understand exactly what you said but:
If you speaking about convert mouse location problem here : (mouse is on top of the sphere while it is printing the the mouse location and world location for sphere)
If you speaking about the first problem with hit location: ( you can see how the vector change after that i moved a bitttttttt the cursor from floor to the cube)