Mouse wheel cyclable dropdowns

Just a small QOL request for the editor UI:

Photoshop has this feature where if you select something in a dropdown (i.e. the blend mode dropdown), you can then cycle quickly through the blend modes with the mouse wheel, and flick back and forth between a couple of them. It’s one of those features that’d be hard to live without once you have used it.


This feature would be fantastic for the dropdowns in UEd - it’s quite tedious clicking the dropdown and selecting each element one by one to compare. But being able to cycle quickly through a set of mesh variations, materials, or things like Light IES profiles (where the differences are quite subtle), would make a huge difference when dressing a level.



What also great about the Photoshop cycling is, it’s not prone to “accidental changing” like some implementations, because the cycling is only allowed immediately after you’ve selected the dropdown, and only while your mouse is over the dropdown.

Thanks for your consideration!