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Hey guys hoping someone can help, I’m currently messing around with the built in third person BP I’ve changed it so that you can only rotate the camera now when you hold the right mouse button down, and added the zoom in zoom out ability for the camera, however I want to set it up so when you are not holding the right mouse button you can see and use your cursor, and when you are right holding it the cursor disaperes, however I cant find the ability to even show the cursor, by default its just not there.

Please help, thanks!


You can Set Mouse Visibility right click your blueprint and ensure context sensitive isn’t checked. Search for Set Show Mouse Cursor.


I will give this a try, thank you!

[Update] I got this to work, however I’m running into an issue now. If i never LMB click I can pan left, right, up, down with the camera endlessly, but the second i LMB Click even once, I’m bound by the area of the screen the second my invisible mouse cursor hits and edge i can pivot the camera anymore.

Any idea how to get around this?

I’ve attached a picture of what I was doing.

Cleaned up Mouse visibility, it was just kinda scratchy while I was thinking about it, this may be more readable.


Do you have this checked somewhere?


Not to my knowledge, currently I opened the Third Person example, and only changes I’ve made are the ones I posted in a screenshot, where could I look for this?

I posted a video showing the Blueprint, then using the right click prior to LMB Click, and after LMB Click

Lol sorry for the breathing, thought I had push-to-talk enabled on xsplit.

Bit hard to see exactly what is happening there however a work around maybe to capture the mouse coordinates before the right click and store them, then after release set the mouse coordinates to their stored location.

Are you aiming for a User Interface similar to World of Warcraft? Mouse movement of Character but also able to move mouse to click on UI elements?

If so I’ll see what I can put together and upload a template.

haha I am actually, not for any particular reason, but just because I wanted to attempt something small from the start.

I like the idea of storing the co-ordinates, I don’t think it will solve the issue i’m having, however I like the idea of after right clicking the mouse being where it was prior. The mouse doesn’t get restrained to the window on Right Click, its only after i click with the left mouse button that it activates something, and then on right click it is constrained to the window so I can’t just keep turning i get stuck on the edges that’s why in the video it just stops mid slide after i click with the left button. I’ll archive and upload the Blueprint maybe.

here is my ThirdPersonBlueprint assest, every other asset is identical to the default ones when you create a new ThirdPerson game, i added some new buttons thought in the Project Settings ill screenshot.

Dropbox Link for Blueprint


Give me 1 hour i’ll upload a template to my google drive for you with a world of warcraft style camera and controls. It’s something I could use down the track maybe anyway :slight_smile:

invalid link

World of Warcraft Style Camera

Download the following, the network is messy but it works similar to World of Warcraft.

  1. You can rotate the camera with the left or right mouse buttons
  2. You can move forward with both mouse buttons
  3. WASD still works
  4. Mouse cursor disappears whilst rotating camera
  5. Mouse reset position and doesn’t block you

Let me know what you think.

Replace your Blueprint Folder with the following

Then open your project settings and add an axis Movement component as follows (there is a space between mouse and move)


Thanks! I haven’t got a whole lot of time to look at it all since I’m just on my lunch break for work, however I will use this as a good reference to complete mine and will share when done, from what I noticed though, if I add the ThirdPersonController to the way I had mine set up it should fix the mouse issue I had I guess? I’ll take a crack at it after work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep it should fix your mouse issue, whilst not a fully fleshed out camera system, its at least got the main components to it.

Ok so here it is, I had time to implement it in what I was doing, theres a few more things I will be adding before it is ‘complete’ in my mind, but enjoy, and thanks for all the help Drifyt! :smiley:


Current Version:

  • Scroll Wheel Camera Zoom (With ability to set max zoom and min zoom distances, and rate of zoom)
  • WASD and LMB+RMB Movement w/ Jumping
  • Change Camera Angle with LMB or RMB

Dropbox Download Link - Version 1

I was trying all last night to do the next step, but I can’t seem to figure it out, I want to add it so “When RMB Down” Rotate the Character Mesh to face the direction of the Camera Boom, so as you rotate your player rotates on the X-Axis in the direction of the camera, as well when I had that I wanted it so when you move the camera with the LMB it doesn’t affect the direction of the player just the camera but, If I can figure out the first part I think I could figure out the second.

Yulrun did you figure this out?

Hello YulRun!

Do you still have the BP for download?

Best Regards