Mouse trace lost(x0y0z0)

create new project delete floor then create landscape then create pawn for camera (first image) place in world and posses player
then create player controller get hit result under channel and print it (second image)
then create game mode and set in world settings pawn and player controller (third image)
play game and I marked some places in image where mouse trace channel lost (third image)

Hi Gereksiz,

If you add a slight sculpt to your landscape with the sculpt tool, does this error still occur? There is a known issue, UE-16432, in which traces sometimes return false on the seams of completely flat landscapes. If not, does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is this limited to one project?

looks like sculpting solve my problem.

Hi Gereksiz,

I’m happy to hear this workaround worked for you. I discovered I gave you the wrong bug report number, so I have updated that in my previous post. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes.