Mouse that turns character, but doesn't effect movement controls


I am sort of new to this forum.

I am still very new to blueprint scripting, so please bare in mind that I might not get somethings you say.

Ok I have been looking everywhere for little bit of information about some sort of mouse aiming with WASD strafe with no luck. I want the controls to be like Hotline Miami. I looked at a forum post which talked about some sort of Hotline Miami gamepad controller, but I don’t want it to be a gamepad I want it to be a keyboard and mouse. I have tried replacing X/Y game pad nodes with X/Y mouse nodes. Then I just decide to just make some sort of temporary mouse control shown below.

This is what I am currently using in my temporary character blueprint:

These are some of the sources I looked at:

Thank you for your time!

Try this. Leave the World Direction slots on your Add Movement Input nodes unplugged.
Now, for the Add Movement Input node that your InputAxis MoveForward node is connected to, set X = 1, and you can leave Y and Z at 0.
Then, for the Add Movement Input node that your InputAxis MoveRight node is connected to, set Y = 1, and leave X and Z at 0.
Finally, i’m assuming you already have your spring arm and camera setup in a top down sort of view, so all you need to do is select your spring arm in the components tab and uncheck / set Inherit Yaw to false.

Hopefully that’s what you were looking for. If not I’ll try and help some more if I can.

Thank you so much! You’re awesome!