Mouse setup for strategy controller

Hi guys, help me please, I want to setup the mouse controller, but faced with the problem, mouse x and mouse y offsets turn to zero on edges of screen. I tried to make the cursor 'Show off", but it did’t help(but it works to the first mouse input). Any ideas?
I attach video for clarity - - YouTube

Best regards, your friend, Alex.

You could experiment with “Release Mouse Capture” and see if that happens to easily enable what you are trying to do.

If that doesn’t work, when the mouse reaches the edge of the screen you could use “Set Mouse Position” to set its position back to the center so that the movement could continue.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve found them before, but found no examples of their application. I do not quite understand the purpose of Event Replays. You can show me an example? (I could not find it on forum or youtube).

Do you mean it?
"you could use “Set Mouse Position” "

I have never heard of an event replay. What does that have to do with your mouse control?

Ah, you meant “Reply”, not “Replay”. That makes more sense. Unfortunately, that node doesn’t do what I thought it did. There’s some information here about how you can set the mouse cursor, though:

Oh sorry, I did’t see the error. Many thanks, I suspect that it also works in C++ code. I will try.