Mouse sensitivity problem.

Now i know we all suffer from bad decision to use some inner “acceleration” values or whatever is driving mouse instead of system pointer speed like all other known software does,
but this is just borderline.
I just got new mouse, its a sleek lightweight Coolermaster whatever is the name with 8k dpi sensor.
Now, i have to put sens in UE4 to 0.01 for it to rotate viewport at working speed.
Panning ignores that, it still moves at relativistic speeds each time i move effectively throwing me
to the edge of float point precision limit.
This also affects (to some degree) moving objects and scaling.

Im just asking , PLEASE, add option to use system settings for reading mouse input,
thats so easy, everyone does that every software i yet to meet any software
that does what UE4 does and i worked with 3d/2d apps my whole life.

God i love bragging, but really thats a pain in the a, please do something.

PS: typically i have mouse at 4k dpi and system settings at lowest, so i get my average mouse speed with big precision,
but in case of UE4 im setting dpi sensor at 800 and system at max, so it slows down mercifully so humans can interact with
objects in editor.

:slight_smile: Im not angry, but pls, guys pls, not cool.

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