Mouse sensitivity drastically different when packaged


I am working on a game that is very dependent on the MOUSE X (Custom pawn). I am however wondering how I could have the same mouse sensitivity in the package project as in my editor. I am adding torque with the mouseX event. In the package project I have to use significantly more effort to apply the mouseX/torque but in the editor not so much.

I am therefore wondering how I could have fairly consistent results so when people play it they have to apply the same effort dragging the mouse LEFT and right because some testers had to turn their sens way high and some had it very fast.


Try scaling the sensitivity using the viewport width/height as a factor. That value will be different in editor vs packaged probably.

You may not be considering the delta time when you add torque which would make your game frame rate dependent. In standalone builds the frame rate is usually higher than in the editor.

Is there any suggestions on how to make your game non-frame dependent with this?

Sorry, but how would I do that?

i am using add torque and the multiplier is using delta time, hence im confused.

You say the behaviour differs in a packaged project, have you tried using different frame rates in the editor to see if the frame rate is actually the problem? It would be much easier for people to help you if you posted the code that you use. Also, unless you are taking absolute mouse coordinates (which apparently you don’t because you said you are using mouse axis input) the viewport size should not matter at all.