Mouse rotation on location, MOBA style

Afternoon, i am currently trying to replicate the functionality and movement of a playable character(MOBA-styled, dota 2 etc.) on UE4. I encountered a few problems and i am not too sure on how to tackle them thus would like some advice and direction. I am using the top-down template that comes with the engine as a base.

  1. my character would not move at all if my mouse click was to be too near to my character. I double checked, my character is not moving despite it not being on the mouse clicked position.

  2. i would like my character to rotate to face a point which my mouse click would dictate irregardless whether the character will be moving or not. rotate on the spot. I am not too sure whether if im doing it correctly not, just rotating the character and not the controller. Would the way im doing it now break anything important as i move on with the development process?

  3. For moba/rts games, when u click on the floor, there would be a indicator to show where u clicked. Whats the best way to do this? currently im using decals but it seems abit cheat-ish to be the correct way.


Have a look to this thread opened by ryanjon2040.

You’ll find all what you need (and more ^^)

Hey man, thanks for the info. But the project u linked me to is too overwhelming for me to comprehend. I dun know where to start @@ got any other titbit sized examples or blueprint snippets?

i managed to find out why simple move to location doesnt work as stated in this link. But how do i cast it to a ai controller? which blueprint do i cast it? the only thing im able to cast to is playerController. Help guys?