Mouse Rotation & Camera doesn't work when changing level

Hi. So i made a login widget as a mainmenu level. After login verification sucess i want to open other level, for test purposes i opt for the third example template, but the same problems happens in other levels.

As a independent level the character reacts to everything. But when comes from the login widget all works(jump, move etc) except the camera dont rotate, only works if i press continuous the left or right mouse button and then rotate. Is this a bug or something I forget to set?

Mainmenu level BluePrint: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Widget Blueprint: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Made a video so you can see better. 0:00 blueprint files. 0:34 Actual problem:


removed Game and UI input mode in Mainmenu blueprint. all works fine. Other alternative would be on begin play of new level set input mode to game only. Or simply remove from parent