Mouse Position to Local Space help

So, I’m trying to get the mouse position in local space for my game board. To test this out I made a game board blueprint and re-positioned/rotated it a bit in the world so I would know if my transformation is working correctly. The first screen shows my board in the world. The second screen shows what I’m doing in the blueprint in order to transform the mouse coordinate to world space and then finally local space for the board. I expect when the mouse is over the center of the letter ‘E’ in the middle the X/Y/Z should all be right around 0 since my board is created around the middle in local space. Is my understanding of the InverseTransform incorrect? Thanks!


Nevermind. I had to do a trace using the mouse information until I hit an object in my scene. I can then take the point of impact and inverse transform it against my board to get it into the boards local coordinate system. Works great now.