Mouse position isnt updated while dragging

hi everybody here, hope you can help me.
i work on a classical point and click adventure game, with a inventory bar on the bottom of the screen.
in the inventory there are small widgets displaying the ojbects the player has taken.

i constantly check the mouse position for two reasons:

  • my cameras are slighly panning inverse to the mouse movement so my viewport is slightly moving while moving the mouse
  • if the mouse position is at the bottom of the screen the inventory moves up into the screen and the scene gets blurred, if the mouse position gets up again the inventory moves down again, not to be seen and the scene gets unblurred again.
    now i have the different inventory objects.i can drag them around with holding the left mousebutton

everytime i start draggin an object, the mouse position isnt updating anymore.
after releasing the object again, the mouse position is updating again

  • so first there is a visible step movement in the camera, while normally the movement is smooth
  • while dragging an object onto the scene the inventory bar should move down again and the scene should get unblurred. both is not working cause the mouse position isnt updated anymore …

i hope i made the problem understandable for you all and really hope someone has a solution for this.
kind regards