Mouse Over ticks and ends

I’m working on some mouse over events on an actor blueprint and my goal is to increase an interval while the mouse is over the actor. Then decrease the interval while mouse is not over the actor. I only have a basic approach prepared with mouse over events and printing for tests.

So I’m looking how to increase and decrease a total number while mousing in and out of an actor. What is the best way to go about this?

What interval do you want to increase? If it’s a variable, here is how you can increase and decrease total value of variables:


Yeah, I understand the basic functionality of it. Last night I ended up getting it to increment with that newer node that increments. It works when moused over, but now when I mouse out it keeps counting up. I’m trying to get it to count down while not hovered over the actor.

It’s because the delay loop you’ve created never ends after starting. You could use Timers instead, but for the sake of simplicity, try this, I’ve recreated your setup:

(The IsMousedOver variable is a new boolean variable that you need to create to control the delay loops)

This should work as a fast test, but you can also learn more about timers, they are better for this kind of logic:

Ah, I tried that as well but I was looping back to the delay not the branch. Makes sense now. I will look in to those timers as well, seems to be a better approach. Thanks mate!