Mouse OnReleased Question

Hi, this is probably a very simple question but it’s my second day in UE4 and I find this very confusing.
I want to replicate this functionality, Essentially when you click on a mesh and move the mouse, the mouse X and Y values control certain properties like material color or morph targets.
I tried creating a simple scene where I can control a color in this way and it works, but I run into a problem when I release the mouse button.

The system should work like this: By default, the X mouse position rotates the object. If you click on one of the control meshes and drag, the mouse will control those properties. When you release the mouse button, the mouse will once again rotate the object.
I am using a bool to check whether the object is free to rotate or not.

The problem is that if I release the button over the control mesh I get the functionality I want, but if I release it outside of the mesh then the mouse position will keep on changing those properties instead of rotating the object.
I understand that this happens because the event I am using to switch the bool to true (in order to rotate) is set to the control mesh (StaticMesh2) so it will only work if the mouse is released over that mesh. The issue is that I can’t find any kind of general mouse release event, if there’s one at all.
Assuming there is no such thing as that, how could I approach this problem? I want to set the bool back to true if I release the button on any part of the screen, not just on that particular mesh.

Here’s the Blueprint although it’s pretty messy.

Hmmm… just quickly thinking here but i would say get mouse released in your controller blueprint, and then cast to your blueprint ActiveCHar and fire a custom event.
Whats happening now is that its looking if your mouse was released over that specific component.

To make sure it doesnt fire every time from your controller, when you cast to character just get the bool, if the bool is false, then only fire the custom event.

Thanks a lot, I didn’t know I could get a mouse button event from the player controller.