Mouse On Player Problem

My Problem,
Every time i put my Cursor on my Character the Camera goes nuts. It seems to be Spinning my Character in a Circle which makes the Screen shake really bad or more like its Spinning Really Fast Any Suggestions

Can you add another branch and only set actor rotation when the mouse location is not on the character location? Maybe its creating some sort of weird loop.


It’s not glitches or nothing it’s just when you put the cursor directly on top it’s just does a spin thing shakes camera really bad, I can’t think of a way where the mouse can only come back to character so far, like a cursor range but I couldn’t think of nothing because it was click an move but changed it to where it turns the character

this is my problem Screen capture - 271e96a34a46f2bbfd171549822258a3 - Gyazo

Figured it out, Instead of Location is Target. Trace End is Target Fixed the Camera Problem Screenshot - 10a0883020c7675cc92c3ef01747b9a7 - Gyazo