Mouse not working in viewport after upgrade

Hi everyone, I’m new to gamedev and am using unreal engine for a few months now and i’m loving it! I started with ue 4.18.1 then i I upgraded it to 4.18.2 and run to some problems with launching the engine. It did so for a few days, getting frustrated with all that I uninstalled the engine and reinstalled again but it did not help. But after a few days it worked fine again. (must be a bug, i think). In the past couple of days I had troubles with launching the engine again, it was crashing each time I was trying to launch the engine then I noticed the update to 4.18.3 and so I upgraded it and the engine started launching properly again. But now in the editor i can’t pick any of the objects/meshes or move them anymore. They’re only selected and can not be adjusted by any means. Sometimes the objects move a bit but then get moved back again. Also when I try to click on an object it moves to select the object next or the closest to it. It’s like the engine don’t recognises the mouse input properly in the viewport anymore. Clicking in folders and menu’s and so is working all fine though. So the issue has to do only with the viewport and mouse input it seems to me. So I was wondering am I the only one with this problem or are more people encountering it, or is it just a bug again while updating to a newer version of the engine? And How can I fix this? Anyways thanks in advance.