Mouse movement inconsistent when dragging objects in editor

I’ve noticed this for years and it makes level design feel really tedious.

When you press your mouse down to drag an object, unreal seems to take over mouse input in some way that feels different from the normal mouse movement. It’s like it stops reading your raw mouse input and decides to move things at its own speed. To me it feels like the mouse moves a little faster and I overshoot a lot, and then try to move things very gently to compensate and then struggle to move things at all.

Alternatively when I use Maya or other modeling programs and I move things around it always feels great and exactly how I expect. Meanwhile in unreal, dragging BSP brush vertices, moving actors, etc… It all feels really off and feels terrible. Like I have to struggle to move objects and it kinda makes long editing sessions really tiring.

Have you turned off snapping?

Sounds bizarre.